• A. K.

    This review is long overdo. With tons of Med spas out there, everyone is trying to make their money and don't care if you have sensitive skin or are reactive to many products etc. they just need the money. At revive you will not get that feeling- I've had bad reactions to certain products and Revive has made every effort and accommodation to take care of me. The office manager, Christina is a gem- she truly cares about the clients and that's RARE- if you have an issue and express it, she will make sure to do what she can to remedy the situation- that's called top notch customer service and that's why I'm loyal to them. Kim (PA at mission valley) is one of the kindest, smartest, personable ppl I've ever met. Honestly- ask for her and you're in good hands. She knows I have sensitive skin and always offers samples/testers of the great products (Skin medica etc) to allow me to test on my skin before purchasing. Front desk girls are beautiful and sweet- you won't regret it. I've been to several Med spas in SD, and they've been rude, greedy, sneaky and inexperienced- customer service is a foreign concept apparently. Not at Revive- you will appreciate their customer service esp if you've been don't wrong at other places

    A. K.
    San Diego, CA
  • Kathleen is THE BEST! Surgical cosmetic enhancement takes a creative eye to know how to sculpt 3 dimensional work, and that is what Kathleen does best! She has a sweet, loving personality, and hands down, the best (and most affordable in town) work I've come across. I brought a relative along with me, this was my second visit seeing Kathleen (first time in 2015), first time for my relative. I wanted my relative to sit and experience Kathleen's approach. She knows how to address concerns, answer questions, and inform you on what to expect, so you don't feel confused and lost on upkeep after an appointment. I love that I found someone who knows how to show professionalism and care for her patients/clientele. I look forward to my follow up next week that Kathleen offered, as my sisters wedding is coming up, and she wants to make sure everything is looking PERFECT for the day! Also if you're torn on picking a place, search through reviews, look whose name always pops up with all 5 star reviews!

    Homa S. San Diego, CA
    Carlsbad, CA
  • I have been going here at least 5 years. Receptionist are very nice and attentive. I absolutely love Lucia for all my hair needs. I have curly hair, and it was hard to find someone who understood what I wanted. She takes the time to explain how to style and help me with shampoo/conditioning regiments. I recently decided to lighten my then horrendous dark box dye hair. Lucia recommend we do gradual process to get to where my hair is now. I have received so many good complements! And I failed to mention she did mine and my maid of honor makeup and hair a few years ago for my wedding day, and it was terrific! Definitely highly recommend Lucia and this Salon.

    Mirella M.
    Mid-City, San Diego, CA
  • Nayeli J.

    Mena was awesome! It was my first time with any procedure ever. This being Juvéderm Lip injections. I went around to a couple other salons and this place was the best. Super clean, very peaceful, staff is very pleasant.
    I was a bit nervous to get my lips done since I had never gotten anything done. But Mena was incredibly patient and sweet. I took my boyfriend with me and she spoke to him the whole time. This to help me get through the procedure easier. My lips were great. The pain was a 3 out of 10. So not bad at all. I think it's the actual nerves more than anything.
    I did my research for a whole week and I'm so happy I got to Mena and this salon. Will definitely be coming back! Thank you Mena!!!

    Nayeli J.
    Imperial Beach, CA
  • Today I decided to try Voluma for a lifted younger appearance and Botox to help with my wrinkles around my eyes and forehead. I was seen by Amy and absolutely loved how she explained everything in great detail from the different types of injections out there to what i can expect. She was very patient and made me feel very comfortable during the entire procedure. She took 10 years off my face with voluma! Front desk staff was very nice and welcoming. Love this place!

    Priscilla B.
    San Diego, CA
  • Got my Botox done at revive cv and it was quick and easy! Both salons are beautiful and everyone is so sweet! Loved my results, she even told me I needed less units than I thought which I appreciated because that means the last place I went to...(about 8 months ago)...up-sold me for more than I needed. I'm only 26 so it's just preventative lol will be coming here from now on!

    Leah S.
    San Diego, CA
  • Patrycia S.

    For all Blondes who know the struggle of maintaining soft healthy hair after bleaching, you can put all your trust with the stylist Kyle! Not only is he a color master but he also does an amazing job cutting! I came into this salon with skeptical expectations ( I've been looking for the perfect stylist for years ) and was surprised with how well he was able to literally revive my hair lol.
    I have bleached long blonde hair that has been through quite a few hair coloring horror stories. With Kyle he made sure to fix the uneven spots from my previous coloring ( not even close to worth the 400$ I spent ) all at such reasonable prices. He really cares about making you happy and invites you to come back to fix anything not up to your standards ( which is a one in a billion chance with someone so talented ).
    I actually live in San Francisco but will without a doubt be flying back to see Kyle every time I need something done.
    What's also awesome about Kyle is that he travels once a month to LA for work. So, if you're not exactly in the SD area at the time you can meet him at other locations too.

    Ultimately if you're looking for a stylist who you can put all your trust in and know you'll come out with movie star hair, definitely go with Kyle (He even styles it at the end like the movies).

    Patrycia S.
    Edmonds, WA
  • I saw Kyle yesterday, and he is a hair magician! I have never been to a hair salon before that I absolutely knew I would return to in the future, but I know where I will be coming for all future hair appointments :) Kyle gave me an ashy balayage on my medium brown hair, and it is the best balayage I have ever gotten! I had some serious low-confidence about my hair, as it used to be long and highlighted about 8 months ago before I decided to chop it to shoulder length, and I constantly had it up in a bun because I didn't like the way it looked when it was down. But Kyle brought my confidence back up with this new 'do and I could't be happier :) He is also one of the most fun stylists I have ever gone to and he held nothing but good conversations with me for the 3 hours I was there! 10/10 would recommend to any friend, and the entire staff was extremely sweet and accommodating. THANK YOU KYLE, THANK YOU REVIVE SALON!!!

    Madison S.
    San Diego, CA
  • I have been coming to Revive for over 3 years. I cannot say enough great things about this place. First off, they constantly run specials. If you are looking to get your face "refreshed", this is the place. I've had Mena for different procedures and she is AMAZING! She is upfront and honest, doesn't try to sell me things I don't need, always listens to my concerns and gives me suggestions based on what I'm looking for that would best suit my face.

    I've had these brown age spots that just are stubborn and won't go away. I had a consultation with Jodi and she made a couple of suggestions. I went in there thinking I wanted one thing and she analyzed my face and gave me a couple of suggestions. We agreed on the Photofacial laser and she did spot treatments on my face. It was GREAT!!!! I'm so excited to see the results come thru over the next few days/weeks. She always checked to make sure I was comfortable and not experiencing any pain.

    Ok--NO pain at all. Not hotness, no burning, nothing.

    I've recommended Revive to several friends and they are VERY happy with treatment and results. The prices are very good.

    Mary C.
    San Diego, CA
  • Grace L.

    Five stars for POLLY at Revive. In January I went to a number one injector in Pasadena and she made my lips super uneven. I was waiting for some of the filler to dissolve until I found someone new to go to. I found revive Through some research via yelp and was hesitant
    but trusted my gut. Polly had availability when I needed so I scheduled an appointment with her not knowing what I was getting myself into. When I arrived there was music playing ( my favorite hits ) and the sign in process was quick. Polly called my name right at 10:15 which is so nice because in the past I waited 2:00 hours... yes two hours just to sign in for an appointment at other places. Revive really cares about their patients. Polly talked me through the process quick and promptly which I loved, she was relatable, and had an awesome presence. She gave me this little device to distract me from the pain but honestly it was painless, there were a few little punches but compared to my past experience this was pain free. She took her time, and really cared. I also like how after you pay, you exit through the back so you don't have to awkwardly walk through the lobby with swollen lips. I had an overall incredible experience and will be back. My bottom lip is now full, and matches with my top lip. She also filled in areas that weren't as defined and let me view where she put the filler throughout the whole
    Process. I'm so happy!! Thank you.

    Grace L.
    Chula Vista, CA
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